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Holly Mata
Thank you so so much @junkbrands for all the amazing gear! Never will I wear a lulu headband again!! #junkbrands
Holly Mata
Thanks for the hard work you put into promotion of your brand. We see so many companies release a product then just sit around doing nothing as they wonder why they don't sell. Successful brands take successful marketing strategies. We know it's hard work, but you guys are doing great.
LOVE your product! I have shorter hair that doesn't pull back and gets in my face. Usually when I am already a sweaty mess
Kate, Chicago
Since I live in the southern part of Texas that can be somewhat of a problem when you are working out in the 100 degree weather, but it's no match for my JUNK headbands and not to mention how cute the headbands actually are! I am so glad I found your product and I just can't express how important JUNK is to my performance and also how much I love them!
Keston, Texas
First of all....Huge fan of your headbands...they stay on my head the whole time and keep the hair out of my face and even look good with short hair :)! Then there is the fact I got my first muscle up wearing one so you know..good luck :) Thanks again and love love love your headbands!!
Jill, University of Kansas
I wore a couple of your bands when competing at the northeast regional. I'd like to order a few hundred bands in black or smoke grey, and would like to add my company logo on the other side of the headbands...We have looked into making our own bands - however we'd prefer to create synergy with another organically grown brand - JUNK
Blake, Private Apparel Company
The headbands are AWESOME and they are all – American made and woman owned business. I bought a few and LOVE them
Holly, New Jersey
I placed my order on Sunday and am happy to say I received my order yesterday. I love your products, I actually received my first junk from one of your owners as a gift for competing at the North East Regionals and now I'm hooked!
Shelia, CrossFit Regionals Competitor
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